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Dealer Application Signup

Driver Distribution Dealer Credit Application

Principal Owners

AGREEMENT : As an owner/officer of my company, and as an applicant applying for credit, I certify that the information provided in this application is correct and agree to make payments in full for all valid purchases. By signing and submitting this credit application, I hereby grant Driver Distribution, Inc (a N. Carolina Corp) a Purchase Money Security Interest in all of it’s current and future inventory, including without limitation all of it’s inventory of products purchased from Driver Distribution, Inc and all proceeds of the same and further grant Driver Distribution, Inc limited power of attorney to execute one or more financing statements, amendments, continuations and termination statements pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code of the state in which retailer is conducting business, satisfactory to Driver Distribution, Inc. This power of attorney is limited solely to the powers stated herein. Financial statements may also be required. By signing below, and in consideration for the credit extended me by Driver Distribution, Inc the undersigned hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions: I/We agree to pay all invoices rendered by Driver Distribution, Inc within 30 days from invoice date, unless other arrangements have been made in writing to the dealer by Driver Distribution, Inc. If we fail to pay by the due date, we agree to pay an interest rate of 1.5% per month (or maximum allowed by law) calculated on a simple basis on the amount of the invoice. If Driver Distribution, Inc is required to take legal action to enforce payment, we agree to pay costs including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection costs, or, at the option of Driver Distribution, Inc a specific sum equal to 10% of the total amount due, provided that this provision of attorney’s fees and collection costs is void where prohibited by applicable laws. The undersigned certifies that he/she is authorized to execute this document and that all statements are true and correct. Verification may be obtained from any source named in this application. I/we authorize my/our creditor(s) and financial institution(s) such information as Driver Distribution, Inc shall request for the purpose of verification of any information or statements contained in this application and that a copy of this authorization may be used to obtain such information. I/we hereby authorize Driver Distribution, Inc to provide information contained herein to other credit reporting services and suppliers. If the credit customer is a corporation, partnership, or an LLC, then those signing this application, whether signing as an officer or not, personally guarantee payment for all products purchased on credit by the corporation, partnership, or LLC. See Personal Guarantee on page 2 for full details. I/We hereby agree to comply with the terms of this agreement and all applicable laws.

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Financial Statement

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Internet & Mail Order Sales

Personal Guarantee

In consideration of the extension of credit by Driver Distribution, Inc (a N. Carolina Corp) to Applicant, the Guarantor does jointly and severally guarantee to pay and be responsible for all payments for all sums, balances and accounts due Driver Distribution, Inc from Applicant, including but not limited to collection charges and/or attorney’s fees. This Personal Guarantee and any such extension of credit provided to Applicant shall be governed by the internal laws of the State of N. Carolina, USA; and any default in the payment of any credit extension of applicant or dispute arising out of any such extension of credit, or arising out of this guarantee, shall be subject to the exclusive venue in the courts in the County of Wake, State of N. Carolina, USA, where Driver Distribution, Inc conducts business. This shall be an open and continuing guarantee and shall continue in force not withstanding any change in the form of such indebtedness existing prior thereto. Guarantor represents and warrants that the extension of credit being required are those solely pertaining to the Applicant’s trade or business as a customary part of the conduct thereof by debtor, and neither the credit sought, nor this guarantee is being provided, for any personal, family or household purpose.
I/We have fully read and understand the personal guarantee and agree to be bound by its terms. I/We hereby agree to comply with terms of this personal guarantee and all applicable laws.

Bank Reference & Authorization

Please complete and sign the authorization below, and return this entire form to us with your credit application. By signing my name below, I authorize the bank named to release the requested information to Driver Distribution, Inc for the purpose of credit extension.
I/We authorize
to furnish Driver Distribution, Inc with the information requested below, concerning all of my business accounts under the name(s) of